Sequent 32 OBD

Sequent 32 OBD

The system is intended for LPG and CNG conversion of 3- and 4-cylinder engines. The 32-pin gas ECU improves consumption and air pollutant emission, thanks to the self-adaptive function activation. Together with IN03 electro-injectors, developed by BRC to satisfy the stringent Car Manufacturers quality standards, it is the perfect conversion system for the latest generation vehicles.

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Características técnicas

Cylinders≤ 4
Gas ECUSequent 32 EVO
Gas ECU ConnectorFCI 32 Ways
Gas Ecu Body MaterialAluminium / Plastic
Gas Shut-off Solenoid Valves2
Reducer - Fittings inlet outlet elbowsLPG Plastic / CNG Iron
Internal Petrol Injectors EmulationResistive
Gas Temp. Input
Gas Pressure Input
Water Temperature Sensor on Reducer
N° Lambda Oxygen Input1
RPM Signal
MAP SensorIncluded
CNG Internal Timing Advance Processor (*)
Communication with OBD (K and CAN)
Sequential Fuel Switch OVER
Injectors RailPlastic
Injectors TypeIN03 MY09
Gas Level IndicationSwitch


(*) For using CNG Timing Advance Processors please make reference to respective Sequent systems handbooks
(**) Required only for specific vehicles model