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The first MTM football tournament is starting

Youth soccer teams of Cesena, Cheraschese and Roretese compete for the prestigious trophy.

Sport has always been very important for M.T.M. s.r.l. marketing and ethic. The company, leader in gas systems manufacturing and sustainable mobility through all its brands, wants to emphasise this concept even more, and give further support to young people learning from sports every day.

Historic cooperation between M.T.M. and local teams “U.S. Cheraschese” and “ASD Roretese”, excellence of the sector, has grown thanks to the partnership between Zavoli, brand of the group headquartered in the city of Cesena, and Cesena Calcio football team.

The first MTM football tournament will seal those collaborations taking place in Roreto di Cherasco on September, Sunday 22nd, played by the categories “Giovanissimi 2006” and “Esordienti 2007” of each team.

Massimiliano Fissore, CEO of M.T.M. says: “We are proud to support these teams. We share the same commitment to young players, sure that competitive sport is an important educational and formative tool. Thank you sincerely for the sports managers’ dedication, hoping to give a support to football teams growth. The tournament wants to create a moment of encounter with an experience that will remain indelible in young players’ memories”.

All matches will take place at sports complex in Roreto di Cherasco with more than 120 athletes playing. Special award for the best goalkeeper and best footballer will be given too, for their ability and fair play.


Matches Schedule:

9h00 U.S. Cheraschese 2007 – ASD Roretese 2006

10h00 Cesena F.C. 2006 – ASD Roretese 2006

11h00 Cesena F.C. 2007 – U.S. Cheraschese 2007