The history of BRC and its gas systems

BRC Gas Equipment: LPG and CNG components and systems

BRC is a trademark belonging to M.T.M. s.r.l., an Italian company leader in manufacturing and marketing automotive LPG and CNG components and systems.
MTM boasts a 117 million euros turnover and counts more than 1.000 co-workers and employees.
With a strong presence well-established in more than 70 countries, BRC has in Italy a market share of 24% for LPG systems and 23% for CNG systems.

LPG and CNG components and systems is not the only business of the company: BRC also produces electronic components and systems branded BRC Electronic Division. BRC also appears in the racing world as BRC Racing Team, born to develop new technologies useful in everyday life and show strength and reliability of components.

The origin

BRC was born in Cherasco – Piedmont – in the late 60s: as a local dealer of automotive gas system components. In 1977, then-owner Romano Bogetti decided to start manufacturing multivalves making a deal with Mariano and Pier Antonio Costamagna, owner M.T.M.

The 80s

The production gradually extended to more components and gained market share more and more: full range of LPG and CNG components manufacturing started in the 80s, while in 1991 BRC brought on the market its first carburation control electronic system.

The 90s

In 1992, M.T.M. by Costamagna Bros. acquired BRC and created the M.T.M. – BRC Gas Equipment. In 1996, “Flying Injection”, first Italian LPG and CNG gaseous injection system, was introduced on the market.

The 2000s

In 2001, the company acquired MTE, completing in-house all the know-how necessary to plan, develop and manufacture new products.
In 2006 the big turning point: M.T.M. – BRC Gas Equipment and the American Impco, world leader in gas fuels industrial applications, created the biggest worldwide productive pole in the ecologic fuels sector: Fuel System Solutions, listed on the Nasdaq.
In 2009, the group acquired the Argentine company Tomasetto Achille, incorporating in 2010 the activity of BRC Argentina under the renewed brand TA.

From 2010 to today

2011 was full of novelties: the automotive branch of GFI Control Systems, a society of the American Impco, was transferred to BRC and the new brand BRC Electronic Division came to life.
In 2015, the Indian branch Rohan BRC opened a new 6000 sqm manufacturing plant near Ahmedabad, manufacturing the main CNG conversion systems components.
Since 2016, M.T.M. – BRC Gas Equipment has been part of the Westport Fuel Systems group.
BRC cooperates today with the most important automobile manufacturers in the world, developing and converting their bi-fuel vehicles.

BRC cooperates today with the most important automobile manufacturers in the world, developing and converting their bi-fuel vehicles.