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Effecting an installation in a BRC workshop, you can require a further insurance coverage that cover damages caused by the gas installation to bystanders or to the motor itself, so that you can add the security for the good services of an important insurance group to the advantages and the quality of the BRC LPG and CNG systems (further information in the BRC workshops).

Use and Maintenance Booklet

We congratulate you on installing a “BRC Gas Equipment” system that, we are sure, will meet your expectations and will assure many years of pleasant driving respecting the environment.
Westport Fuel Systems Italia S.r.l. thanks you for taking the wise decision to use LPG or CNG as fuel for your car, and to choose one of the several “BRC Gas Equipment” authorised workshops, being BRC synonym of Quality, Saving, Safety and cutting-edge Technology.
Please read carefully this booklet before driving your car, it contains all information related to the gas system installed on your vehicle and some important warnings we ask you to follow to enjoy longer travels with the lowest expenses, the highest working safety and the most comfortable driving.
Have a nice journey with BRC Gas Equipment.

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