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DR Automobiles: sales record 2023

2023 turned out to be a record-breaking year for DR Automobiles, allowing the Italian Molise-based manufacturer to gain large market shares, registering 32,657 cars, over 10,000 more than in 2022.

The secrets of DR's success?

Competitive prices and LPG alternative fuel from BRC Gas Equipment.

More than 80 % of DR Automobiles' registered cars are bi-fuel petrol/LPG, with three models topping the charts of the best-selling LPG cars, DR 4.0 with 7,758 units, DR 5.0 with 7,293 and DR 6.0 with 4,567

#Quality#safety e #professionalism for over 40 years, these have been the characteristics of BRC Gas Equipment LPG systems chosen by DR Automobiles.

New models and the launch of new brands are planned for 2024, as well as an expansion project at the Italian industrial site.

DR Automobiles' Italian sales network currently comprises a total of 270 dealers and 350 service centres, with over 500 people currently working for the group.