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LPG does NOT come from Russia

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and the resulting energy supply strategies have redefined some balances, but the question remains. Does the use of LPG support the war?

Where does LPG come from?

A lot has changed since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, including the will of the European Union to support the former Soviet republic and to sanction Moscow, which involved a review of Italian energy policy.

Italy does not produce natural gas and LPG it needs; these are imported from different countries to meet national needs.

Another major topic is the right sensitivity not only towards the planet but also towards users of LPG cars that are faced with an ethical dilemma: “If I use LPG, am I supporting Russia economically?”

Such a big problem cannot be solved through individual actions, and it pertains more to political choices; anyway, the question makes perfect sense in this context.

So, let’s identify two kind of gases our country needs: natural gas and LPG.

About natural gas, Russia covered about 30% of national needs until 2021, being the first exporter of natural gas, followed by Algeria (27,8%), Azerbaijan (9,5%), Libya (4,2%) and North Europa (2,9%).

Things changed a bit due to the war. In 2022, Algeria covered 35% of national needs, Azerbaijan 14% and North Europe 10%. Russia's contribution has been drastically reduced to about 15%.

Data updated January 2023 say cubic meters of gas imported from Russia are down 53,7% compared to January 2022.

LItaly, through ENI, signs a strategic agreement with Sonatrach in Algeria, second supplier, to increase gas exports via the pipeline of Mazara del Vallo by 2023-2024. Further agreements have been made also with Egypt and Qatar.

This concerns the natural gas, for which Russia is involved for a reduced share.

On the other hand, another matter il LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), the mixture of hydrocarbons that becomes liquid under pressure, coming from crude oil refining.

53% of Italian LPG comes from Mediterranean countries, while the rest from oil refining in domestic plants.

So, the answer to the long-standing issue is: no, using LPG cars does not means to fund the war or Russia?.