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Pollution: the LPG system, a valid alternative to smart working?

In January 2023 a study by ENEA (Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development) has been published, concerning the potential benefits of remote work on urban mobility.

The study analyses the environmental impacts of cars in Europe and especially in Italy, where the transport sector is responsible for 25.2% of greenhouse gas emissions (2019); excluding aviation and maritime transport, 92.6% is caused by road transportation.

The study goes deep Reporting that the demand for individual transport in Italy increased by 17.4% from 1995 to 2019 and that the motorization index is very high, with 666 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in 2020, the second highest index in Europe, second only to Luxembourg.

Based on these worrying numbers and the forced stop due to Covid19, the study wanted to demonstrate environmental benefits — and not only — that working from home has entailed in recent years.

The following data has been calculated making a comparison with hypothetical 35 km round trip with a survey of public administration employees.

The results are very satisfactory and demonstrate that working remotely for 100 days a year, i.e. two days a week, leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 600kg, more than 10% of annual per capita emissions.

In addition, we should consider the benefits in terms of fuel costs (260 litres saved), time (150 hours earned) and reduced atmospheric particulate matter.

Those who are forced to use cars for work, however, can find a valid alternative not only in public transportation but also in LPG, CNG or hybrid cars!

According to ISPRA, in fact, nitrogen oxide emissions from LPG cars are 55% lower than the petrol ones and 96% lower than diesel-powered ones.


How much CO2 they emit?

LPG= -14%*

*Compared to petrol cars


CNG= -20%*

*Compared to petrol cars


This is the reason why we recommend that people who wish to help the environment but also society, evaluate all alternatives, LPG and hybrid cars included, if smart working is not possible!