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Myths to debunk about gas systems installation

Most common myths about gas systems concern loss of performance, dangerous tanks and high maintenance costs.


Power delivered

One of the biggest issue concerns LPG and CNG combustion with respect to the petrol one.

Generally, we tend to consider that petrol is more performing that gas: the truth is that difference is very slight.

Actually, petrol system is 10% more performing than LPG vehicles.

This value is negligible, above all if you drive for many km every year meaning big savings compared with driving on petrol.



LPG and CNG tanks are more and more safe.

Many tests are carried out on a tank before it is installed on a car.

For example, CNG cylinders must withstand internal gas pressure of 200bar.

They must pass pressure tests to exclude leaks or structural cracks, being filled with 300bar compressed air. If so, tanks are delivered to BRC installers.


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BRC gas systems maintenance is quite affordable.

The most expensive cost is the compulsory replacement of LPG tanks (every 10 years) and the mandatory testing of CNG cylinders (every 4/5 years, according to the homologation).

Moreover, a regular check of injectors is needed, to assure they are clean and operating, extend their working life and avoid replacing them.

Gas injectors cleaning is very cheap, while injectors replacement is quite higher; anyway, these costs are amortised over the time thanks to the fuel low cost.

The last components to be regularly replaced and cleaned are gas filters, according to scheduled maintenance.


Install a gas system on your car, help to reduce pollution.

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In conclusion

We can say that most of myths are baseless, such as high cost of gas systems maintenance.

They are strongly amortised over the time thanks to the gas fuel low cost, more than half for both (as CNG is sold in kg and 1 kg is equal to 1.5 l petrol).

LPG and CNG ecological footprint is what really matters, much lower than traditional fuels.


Install a gas system on your car, do your part in reducing pollution.

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