Alba 32

Alba 32

LPG and CNG conversion system for sequential injection vehicles

GP20 injectors, allowing to meet the latest generation engines requirements, are included into Alba 32, the kit intended for LPG and CNG conversion of automotive spark-ignition engines. Available for 3- and 4-cylinder vehicles, it was created with a view to preserve main characteristics of BRC gaseous injection systems, such as the significant gas ECU diagnostics feature.

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Technical features

Cylinders≤ 4
Gas ECUSequent 32 EVO
Gas ECU ConnectorFCI 32 Ways
Gas Ecu Body MaterialAluminium / Plastic
Gas Shut-off Solenoid Valves2
Reducer - Fittings inlet outlet elbowsLPG Plastic / CNG Iron
Internal Petrol Injectors EmulationResistive
Gas Temp. Input
Gas Pressure input
Water Temperature Sensor on Reducer
N° Lambda Oxygen Input1
RPM Signal
MAP SensorIncluded
CNG Internal Timing Advance Processor (*)
Communication with OBD (K and CAN)
Sequential Fuel Switch OVER
Injectors RailPlastic
Injectors TypeGP20
Gas Level IndicationSwitch


(*) For using CNG Timing Advance Processors please make reference to respective Sequent systems handbooks
(**) Required only for specific vehicles model