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MG Motor sales record in Italy

The MG Motor brand owned by SAIC Motor Italy confirms its record sales in the Italian market. In the first three months of 2023, MG is one of the fastest growing automotive brands, with more than 2,300 units delivered and a market share of almost 1.5 %.

MG Motor or Morris Garage, The British brand owned by the largest of China's car companies, SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation), is conquering the heart of Italian customers; this is also demonstrated by over 100 points of sale on the national territory. All this success is due to its well-equipped models, a great attention to the distinctly European design, uncompromising safety, and above all to competitive prices who launched this brand as one of the most interesting on the Italian market in 2022, so that in the first three months of 2023 registrations were over 7,300 units.

Currently, MG range offers many models and engines, from direct to port injection, from petrol to plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions.

Petrol - MG ZS and MG HS – hybrid plug-in - MG EHS Plug-in - and fully electric - MG4, MG5, MG ZS EV and MG MARVEL R.

BRC Gas Equipment created LPG conversion systems for MG combustion engines versions to give customers a further solution for petrol cars cost saving. A perfect combination between value-for-money MG vehicles and alternative fuels cost-effectiveness.

The convertible engines with BRC Gas Equipment LPG systems are:

MG ZS 1.0 – 3-cyl GDI

MG ZS 1.5 - 4-cyl VTI

MG HS 1.5 - 4-cyl T-GDI

Let's explore the peculiarities of MG models.


Compact SUV (4.32 mt long) available with two combustion petrol engines - 1.0 turbo GDI 111 CV direct injection or 1.5 aspirated VTI 106 CV – two models, Comfort and Luxury, manual or automatic six-speed transmission for both versions. Good level of comfort and standard equipment at very competitive prices.

The engine 1.0 GDI 111CV can be transformed with BRC Sequent Maestro, the LPG conversion kit for petrol direct injection vehicles, while the engine 1.5 VTI 106 CV can be transformed with BRC Sequent 32/Alba 32, the LPG conversion kits for port injection vehicles.


Mid-high level SUV with extensive equipment and a simple and proven mechanics, availble in two models - Comfort and Luxury - to satisfy all market demands. Motore turbo GDI engine 1.5, 4-cyl, 162 CV, petrol direct injection, 5,500 rpm and 250 Nm torque. 6-speed front wheel drive or 7-speed for the automatic transmission version.

The engine 1.5 Turbo GDI can be transformed with BRC Sequent Maestro, the LPG conversion kit for petrol direct injection vehicles.

MG models can be converted aftermarketby one of the BRC Gas Service authorized workshops.

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*depending on city and region of residence.


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